From install to service Orca Dynamics takes all the guess work out of POS. For a guy like me who is deathly afraid of technology it is so nice to know that the POS side of my business is always in good hands.

Jeff Hetherington, Pig BBQ Joint Owner

Thanks to Peter and his team at Orca Dynamics for their tremendous support during our very busy restaurant opening. The installation was smooth and they were quick to respond to our requests and concerns. The Restaurant Manager software and hardware combinations that they recommended have been essential to our early success.

Kate Phoenix, The Beach House Restaurant Owner

It was finally time to purchase new POS software for our business, and we contacted Peter several years after his first visit with us because he had left a lasting impression with us. Peter introduced us to a new product, Universal. It totally suited our budget and fit our business needs completely. Doug worked on the system to tailor it to our business, worked with me to address some specific needs and had us up and running in a few weeks. We are SO happy with the system, and with the folks at Orca Dynamics, I would recommend both to anyone looking for a new POS system.

Alex Greenwood, Games and Grounds Co-owner

Maitre’D is the best system that I would recommend to anyone who wishes to improve their business ten-fold. The team at Orca Dynamics changed us from a system we had for 15 years, to the modern world of today’s POS. I had been looking for a system for 2y ears and had compared many, many brands. Each time I came back to Maitre’D. The system offered the longest list of practical functionaliry for our pub. As an overall grade, the team and system get an A+.

Yolanda Wicks, Black Bear Pub Owner/Manager

Managers and staff agree, Maitre’D has proven to be a very user friendly and easily manageable system for us. Over the years the support we have received from Orca Dynamics has been excellent. Support and service is never more than a phone call away.

Sandra Viney, Avenue Bistro Owner

It’s a surprise these days when you find a product that delivers what it says. Maitre’D has done that for us since day one and the service provided by Orca Dynamics fills in the details whenever we need it. When it comes to systems that are essential to our business, this one we have never had to worry about. The flexibility, ease of use, and information available has allowed us to consistently produce profitable menus and simple training for our staff year after year.

Robert Hodgson, Lefty's Fresh Food Owner

I have always made choices based on the betterment of my personal and business life, which is why I changed from my previous POS system to the Maitre’D POS. The Maitre’D system has improved the way I manage my business by providing a simplified way to locate and print reports, process my sales and manage my floor. Orca Dynamics staff are always available when needed and are fast to respond either by phone or with an on-site visit. The end result is a more efficiently managed business, more personal time and peace of mind.

Doug King, Willie's Bakery & Cafe Owner

16 years of business has taught us a lot about service, food, life and most recently beer! With our newest venture, the Craig Street Brew Pub, we’ve continued to provide quality product with sincere service. We couldn’t do this without partnering with other businesses doing the same thing, like Orca Dynamics; who has taken great care of us over the years. Thank you Orca.

Liz Steward, Craig Street Brew Pub Owner

Orca Dynamics has incredible in-depth knowledge with back office operations of a nightclub and has helped me immensely in choosing my POS system. The training Orca Dynamics provided my staff made for a fluid transition into the present.

Maitre’D is very fast and easy to use. My servers spend far less time at the POS station and much more time on the floor serving my customers. Consequently, they sell more and my business is more profitable! I would not hesitate to recommend these guys!!

Jack Weeks, Hush Nightclub Owner