ERC 30.34 Ink Ribbon




Color: Black/Red
Each Ribbon is individually sealed in plastic
Packaged 6 ribbons per box
Long Life, High Density Nylon Extra long 6m ribbon
12.7mm Textured Nylon
Specialty Formulated Long Lasting Inks
Guaranteed to Meet and/or Exceed Manufacturer (OEM) Specifications

Compatible with EPSON ERC-30, ERC-34, ERC-38; TM-U200, TM-U200A, TM-U200B, TM-U200D, TM-U210B, TM-U210D, TM-U220, TM-U220A, TM-U220B, TM-U220D, TM-U230, TM-U300, TM-U300D, TM-U325, TM-U370, TM-U375; TM-200-UB, TM-267 II, TM-270, TM-270 II, TM-300A, TM-300B, TM-300C, TM-300D, TM-300PD; M17-JB, M52-JB, M63-UA, M115A, M119, M119B, M119D, M133A, M188B, M270, PM-300, Panasonic PM300, Samsung Bixolon SRP-270 (SRP270), Bixolon SRP-275 (SRP275)