When success depends on superior service, you need flexible POS software and Back-Office solutions for managing every aspect of your restaurant business. From the store level to corporate head office, Maitre’D’s software gives you the control you need to increase speed, efficiency - and profits.

Restaurant Manager offers a total POS restaurant software solution that can be easily tailored for use in any sort of food service establishment, from fine dining and table service restaurants to quick service (QSR), pizza delivery and take-out establishments, as well as bars and clubs.

Universal POS provides a simple, affordable, and powerful end-to-end point of sale and inventory control system for any size establishment. It is a true 32 bit, high-performance system that will help you manage your business and increase your profits.

A Retail management POS system is similar to a cash register: sales are rung in, money is exchanged, change is given, cash is secured and the tender is balanced. What is different is that a POS system captures, maintains and updates enormous amounts of information that can help you manage your business. Knowledge is the key to maintaining your edge in today’s super competitive retail marketplace. A Profitek retail management system can help give you that edge.>

L-BOSS is the integrated store controller software that combines with L-POS to offer easy to use and efficient database management and analysis. You will use L-BOSS to create products and customers, to order and receive your stock, to maintain price specials and promotions, and to print labels and shelf tags for your products. L-BOSS also takes care of automated procedures that need to happen while you do other things. You won’t need to be present to activate new pricing because the L-BOSS task manager will execute the task for you.

Get your brand an online and mobile ordering solution that you control, so your customers can have your business in their pockets at all times and order from you whenever they want. Quick, reliable and with no risk.


Orca Dynamics offers a wide variety of hardware including echinmical hardware platform from UnyPOS.



  • 3-Track Magnetic Card Strip Reader 2x20
  • Rear VFC Customer Display 10.4"
  • Rear LCD Display
  • Wall Mount Bracket

UnyPOS Resistive Touch Screen

15" Resistive Dual Serial/USB Touch Screen

  • Dual Control
  • Ergo Stand

UnyPOS Delux Cash Drawer

Delux Cash Drawer

  • Coin Holder: 8 Coin Adjustable
  • Bill Holder: 4 or 5 bill slots with Metal Bill Clip

Magellan 9800i & Datalogic Cobalto


Printer TM88


UnyPOS Kiosk

Industrial Kiosk

A wide assortment of Kiosk types.