Logivision L-BOSS and L-POS retail point of sale system

Software solutions that grocery retailers need to manage their business in today’s competitive world.

Logivision L-POS Terminal

An easy, fast and secure point-of-sale software that is Highly Configurable and Secure.

Our flexible Windows-based solution provides all the tools required to manage retail operations more efficiently and provide a superior customer experience.

The ACCEO Logivision solution includes all the features you need to design entry screens, manage peripherals, and interface with the back-end application.

Flexible and secure, ACCEO Logivision integrates to debit and credit payment networks to speed up transactions, reduce the risk of errors, and always keep a tight control over cash operations.


L-POS is an easy to use, easy to manage point of sale system. L-POS is designed specifically for retailers seeking high speed transaction entry and secure data recording. L-POS uses some very innovative technology available for retailers including direct interface to popular peripherals, OPOS interface support and the standard interchange language (S.I.L.) L-POS operates on both traditional keyboard-driven terminals or in touch screen mode. L-POS offers true system wide redundancy and full stand-alone capability. Fully distributed system and data files means a no down time approach to the mission critical front-end operation of a retail store. The back-end server constantly monitors the L-POS terminals to ensure constant real-time updates to its database.

L-POS adds the potential for extra revenue the moment it is delivered to your store. The software offers an easy to configure advertising module that displays text, pictures and movie clips on a portion of the sales screen, or on a secondary monitor. The advertising can also be set to run full-screen after a programmable delay. The cashier monitoring and electronic journal system are tools that were designed to ensure that your data is not being fraudulently manipulated. With L-POS, you have a big brother watching out for you all day long.

L-POS can operate as an independent stand-alone system, or as part of a company wide information system. If you have extensive requirements in your back-end feature list, L-POS will easily connect to powerful third-party management tools. L-POS allows complete integration with other software by providing easy to use data import and export routines.

L-POS offers the front-end features required to build effective loyalty programs that keep people coming back to your store. Create your own in-store marketing effects with features like coupon multiplication, the rebate coupon generator, special customer pricing, price comparisons, points tracking and more. You won’t run out of innovative ways to increase customer traffic with L-POS.

UPC/PLU file
  • Item to sub-department link
  • Sub-department to department link
  • Food stamp status and WIC status
  • Bottle deposit link and bottle return items for detailed tracking
  • Hash items
  • Restrictor table link for time/date sensitive sale restrictors
  • Scalable items with divisor, tare, variable weight tare and manual weight entry
  • 4 tax flags per item with default follow sub-department tax flags
  • Price override and discount can be prohibited per item
  • Repeat, return and refund can be prohibited per item
  • Regular price, split price, mix and match price, limited quantity discount pricing
  • Electronic discount with amount or % off
  • Unlimited price levels
  • Suggested retail price comparison with “You save” printing
  • Not found item operation with stub printing
Customer file
  • Customer account lookup with floating account balances, credit limits, and charge posting system
  • Programmable credit limit
  • Charge transactions with optional stub receipt for customer signature and charge balance verification
  • Negative check file sharing to ensure check cashing limits and security
  • Preferred shoppers with point management, price level assignment, discount status, etc
  • In store coupon printing with programmable triggers
Networking system
  • Each lane runs from a local hard drive and from a completely independent local database
  • Each lane is individually and transparently updated by back end file changes
  • Floating cashier system with cash in drawer monitoring
  • Floating account balances to ensure store charge credit limit accuracy
  • Mail box system ensures sequential file updates to each and every L-POS terminal
  • Messaging system advises store personnel of off-line terminals with visual and audible alert codes
  • Sales data is processed by back end software as each transaction is completed which means that up to the minute reporting is always available
  • Continuous front end operation and unassisted recovery in the event of backend system failure
  • Terminals can send message to other L-POS terminals or to backend to call manager, wrapper, etc
Miscellaneous specifications
  • Multiple tender functions including Cash, check, credit cards, debit / MAC cards, food stamp, WIC, etc. with split tender as required
  • Check cashing flags with negative check verification
  • Vendor coupon scanning with authentication by vendor and by family code
  • Food stamp, Electronic Food Stamp and WIC operations
  • Interface to card authorization system
  • Programmable flip charts for item search using standard picture formats
  • On the fly discounting using multiple item or sale discount functions
  • Item correction and past item voids with programmable limits and manager authorization
  • Past sale void (reversal function)
  • Refund/exchange with programmable limits and manager authorization
  • Complete transaction cancellation (VOID ALL)
  • Multiple tax rates or tables
  • Electronic journal function with search and review
  • Suspend transactions with resume from any terminal by scanning barcode or transaction number lookup
  • Macro-key programming
  • 15 line messages programmable for receipt header, 15 lines for receipt trailer
  • On line help system can be user defined
  • Lane monitoring system
  • Training mode
  • Cashier productivity reporting
  • Electronic journal with search and review
  • SIL (Standard interchange language) file compatibility
  • SIL transaction output for real-time update of backend software
  • Supports all peripheral device types with OPOS drivers including scanner, scale , pole display, receipt printer (real time or buffered with receipt sorting and void suppression), invoice printer, check endorsement, check writing, validation.

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Information & Resources