Maitre'D Penny Rounding

Rounding Guidelines

As pennies exit circulation, cash payments will need to be rounded, either up or down, to the nearest five-cent increment.

Maitre’D is ready for it! (versions MD7.05 and MD8.0)

To activate the Cash rounding function, you need to enable the Cash Rounding option in P.O.S. Control / View / Options / Configuration / POS.

By default, Maitre’D will round up or down to the nearest five-cent increment. This is for Cash transaction only. If the customer is paying by any other type of payment, the system won’t adjust the payment to the nearest five-cent. The adjusted amount is recorded under media type 0042 – “Cash Rounding”

Note: If more than one payment is required to settle a check and cash is one of them, you must use the cash payment as the last one to have the “cash rounding” routine to apply.

Note: This functionality is compatible with the Quebec Sales Recording Module (SRM).